Important Delivery Information

We deliver on FRIDAY'S only. You have two options for delivery time on Friday:11am-4pm, or 5pm - 9pm. To ensure you are on the Friday delivery schedule your order can be placed throughout the week but must be placed by 8am Friday at the latest to be delivered that week. We cannot guarantee exact delivery times.

Home Delivery

We realize that many of our loyal customers aren’t able to leave their homes because of COVID-19, so we want to bring the beer to you! 

Our delivery process prioritizes the health and safety of our customers and staff and follows all procedures recommended by the relevant health authorities.

Delivery Area

We deliver within Edmonton  on Fridays. The delivery cut-off time for Friday delivery is 8:00am Friday. You may select a delivery window of either 11am to 4pm or 5pm to 9pm. Delivery is free for orders over $50.

Please note, if your delivery address is outside our delivery area, your order will be cancelled.

Delivery Process

You must be at least 18 years of age to order/receive beer.

The person who places the order must be available to receive the order.

The Kats will ensure your order is sanitized before being packed up. Our drivers will arrive with your order and check your ID through the AGLC approved contact-free method:

When our driver arrives, you will be asked to hold your identification out so the driver can review both the front and the back of the identification. You may also place your identification on a flat surface, back away to allow our driver to view the identification, turn the identification over and lay it on the flat surface again for our driver to view the other side. We can also check the license through a window or door as well as long as we can verify the person and the information.

We may request a second piece of identification if our driver is unable to verify that you are not a minor from your primary identification.

If our driver cannot verify the age and identity of the person receiving the order, we will refuse the sale and you will receive a full refund.

Once your identity and age are confirmed, you will receive your beer.

if you are not home when our driver arrives the order will be returned to the brewery for in-store pick-up or can be put on the next delivery the following Friday if you contact the brewery.